Wallet Compatibility

We require the Monero Transaction ID and Transaction Key from you in order to verify a payment, this is because the blockchain is private and we do not have access to the wallets private key. If you decide to ignore this advice, you risk delays with your transaction or even a case where a vendor denies any payment - of which because you do not have the TXID/TXKEY we cannot prove otherwise. Right now, if you're thinking "fuck it, it will be alright" and send funds from an incompatible wallet anyway you should expect to lose your funds without argument.

The following wallets do not provide you with this information and are not safe to use;

- Any and all exchanges, do not ever send directly from an exchange.
- Coinomi wallet.
- Cake Wallet.

The following wallets are safe to use;

- Monero GUI (Guide below)
- MyMonero

We will continue to update this list as we do more research into compatible wallets. Do not ignore the advice given here or you will have yourself to blame! Monopoly takes no responsibility for user error, while we will always offer a hand of support we will not be held liable for your mistakes.

How to use Monero

Download the official Monero wallet from The Monero Project's website (https://get.monero.org) and proceed through the installation. Tails users are advised to follow this tutorial (https://steemit.com/monero/@tiptoethrucrypto/setup-guide-for-monero-gui-0-13-0-3-on-tails-w-tor-remote-node) as the process can be a little complex for the average user. Once installed open the wallet and select your desired language.

For most use cases you can use the simple mode as it will save time downloading the full blockchain. For those who use Tails, preconfigured Tor, or whonix you might want to select advanced mode so you can specify a remote node of onion flavor. You can obtain nodes from (https://moneroworld.com), it is essential to know that using a Tor node is no different to not using a Tor node as your transaction information remains private, the only difference is the public IP that is visible to the node when receiving data. If you're super paranoid the only way to protect yourself from all risk is to download the entire blockchain.

As this guide is mainly for customers, most of you will likely want to create a wallet quickly, send a payment, then destroy the wallet so we will go with simple mode. From here specify the closest region, check the box, then click next.

We will be creating a new wallet here so click create a new wallet.

Note down your seed just in case and input a unique wallet name, you can also save the data files to a custom path. Once done select next.

As the wallet states input a secure password and ensure you do not forget it as this is required to send payments.

Review the following details then proceed to open your new wallet.

Wait a few minutes for the wallet to synchronize; you can check this in the bottom left corner. While your wallet is syncing, it is safe to send your newly obtained Monero from the exchange to your wallet. Your receiving address can be found on the receiving tab located towards the left side of the GUI.

Once your wallet has synchronized, there will be a message as seen in the bottom left corner.

Now your wallet has synchronized and loaded (with the required ten confirmations) it is time to make your order, head onto the market and fill in the order form below any listing. Once done, you will be issued with the amount you are required to send and a payment address.

Navigate to the send tab and send your payment as usual, you will have 12 hours from the order creation date to send the funds so take that into account when selecting which fee to use, typically even the low fee generates the required ten confirmations within an hour. Double check you are sending the correct amount to the correct address and proceed with the payment.

If you have the required funds, you will receive a confirmation pop-up as seen below.

Now we have to wait for your payment to confirm, marked in red you can see the current status. When the confirmation number disappears from beside the blockheight it means the payment has all of the required confirmations. From here we need to obtain two pieces of information so click the circle with a question mark inside of it as also seen in red.

When the transaction details page pops-up you will need to copy the TX ID (Transaction ID) as well as the TX Key (Transaction's secret key).

From here input the TX ID (Transaction ID) in the box on the left and the TX Key (Transaction's secret key) in the box on the right then press confirm.

Assuming your payment has the required confirmations, and you have entered the correct verification information your order will be marked as funded allowing you to proceed with the transaction.