Getting started on Monopoly

Welcome, we are pleased you have decided to read this walkthrough to make your experience here a little easier. This walkthrough not only covers the basics for new users but explains the ins and outs of the systems we have in place. Remember, learn this once and you will be set for life. First we need to setup the programs you will need to encrypt messages and send payments.

How to make an order

How to setup your own PGP key
Windows Tutorial
Linux (Tails/Ubuntu Based) Tutorial
MacOS Tutorial
How to use Bitcoin and Monero
Bitcoin Tutorial
Monero Tutorial

Great, now you should have your own PGP key as well as either a Monero or Bitcoin wallet setup and ready to recieve funds.

Where to buy Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Tutorial
Monero Tutorial
How to clean your Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin Tutorial
Monero Tutorial

By now you should have funds ready in your wallet, let's go over a few of the market basics.

Vendor Ranks
Established Vendors are vendors that have a proven significant background across various markets and communities, Legacy Vendors are new vendors that we accepted before the introduction of escrow, New Vendors are new vendors we accepted after we implemented escrow.
Order Limits
Every vendor has a maximum amount of orders they can have open at any given time, this is to force vendors to actively aim to complete transactions to prevent them from reaching their limit, we do actively check vendors before increasing limits.
Dispute Limits
Currently vendors cannot exceed a 10% defect rating, this means that a vendor is only allowed to have a maximum of 10% of their orders disputed at any given time. If they reach this limit they will not be able to accept orders until we verify what the issue is.
Vendor Limitations
If a vendor does not login for 3 days their account is automatically placed on vacation mode which prevents them from accepting new orders, from time to time we may limit a vendors account during an investigation which also prevents them from taking new orders.
Will protect you from vendor exit scams, vendors who refuse to follow their refund policy, and vendors who go missing. If we decide to exit, obviously your funds will be lost. This is not to say we are going to exit however you need to be aware of this.
Direct Deals
Will protect you from market exits as funds go directly into the vendors account, obviously if the vendor goes missing, or exit scams your funds are likely going to be stuck or lost forever. We do however enforce very strict rules across the board.
Trust Scan
Detailed statistics generated from the vendors market performance, you need to use this to your advantage before creating orders to protect yourself from scams/time wasters.
Lost Packages
Will allow you to check a record of the vendors shipping history in relation to your desired delivery country. This will give you a general idea, not guarantee a successful delivery.